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Sand Making Machine - for Construction Gravel

China is abundant in river pebbles, so a lot of river is available for gravel resources. The relatively hard stone is deserted before the previously good for river gravel. With the increase of construction demand for sand, and the ban of sand mining, there are more and more river pebbles put into crushing. River gravel exploited to meet the construction needs is of great advantages.

By blasting, we can get rock, while it is in high risk, which will cause great damage to the ecological environment. Forest is destroyed, and landslides will causing casualties, the death and houses destroyed. Now on the river gravel mining, river gravel is relatively hard stone, which is ideal for construction. At same time, mining of river pebbles wouldn changed the river.

In recent years, the strong support of government carried out a number of preferential measures on the exploitation of river gravel, together with technological innovation, which will be excellent on the river pebbles. So the impact on the environment is in minimum, but also to meet the needs of the local construction and cost lower than mining from mountains.