Impact Crusher

Application: Impact crusher is the focus equipment of secondary crushing machinery in stone crushing production line. PF series impact crusher is the latest gene

Product description:

Impact crusher is the focus equipment of secondary crushing machinery in stone crushing production line. PF series impact crusher is the latest generation of impact crusher produced by Shanghai Shunky with the absorption of foreign advanced technology combining with specific conditions and the development of sand and gravel mining industry. Impact crusher adopts the latest manufacturing technology and unique structural design. Keyless connection and hydraulic arms technology not only reduce the customer's operating costs, and increase productivity. Its finished products are cubic with no tension and cracks, and the granularity is quite good. Impact crusher can crush various coarse, medium and fine materials (granite, limestone, concrete, etc.) with max. size less than 500mm, compression strength not more than 350MPa. Its particle size can be adjusted with various crushing standards. Currently, impact crusher has been widely used in various ore crushing, railway, highway, energy, cement, chemical, construction and other industries.



1. Large feeding inlet, high crushing cavity, which is suitable for the material hardness, block degree, less powder;
2. The gap between back plate and the board hammer can be easily adjusted to get effective control of the particle size;
3. Compact structure, high rigidity, and the rotor is of large inertia; 4. High chrome plate hammer with great impact resistance, abrasion resistance and impact force;
5. Keyless connection with easy maintenance, being economical and reliable;
6. Various crushing functions, high productivity, little mechanical wearing and high overall benefits.



Model Rotor Size(mm/inch) Feeding Opening(mm/inch) Max.Feeding Size(mm/inch) Capacity
Motor Power(kw) Weight
Overall Dimensions(mm)
PF-1007 1000700(40"28") 400730(16"29") 250(10") 15-60 37-55 9.8 244015802672
PF-1010 10351050(41"42") 4001080(16"43") 300(12")50-9055-75 12.8 265021502900
PF-1210 12501050(50"42") 4001080(16"43") 300(12")70-130110-132 17 280021502900
PF-1214 12501400(50"56") 4001430(16"57") 300(12")90-180132-160 20.8 285024002900
PF-1315 13201500(52"60") 8601520(34"60") 350(14") 120-250180-220 24.8 310028003160
PF-1318 13201500(52"72") 8802000(35"80") 350(14") 150-260 220-260 26.8 310032102613
PF-1320 13202000(52"80") 9002030(36"81") 500(20") 160-350 260-300 34 332032182613
PF-1520 15122000(60"80") 13152040(52"81") 700(28") 350-450400-450 44 413834223649
PF-1620 16122000(64"80") 13152040(52"81") 700(28") 400-600 500 47 423635723735
PF-1820 18002000(72"80") 16202040(64"81") 700(28") 550-800 630-710 66 447132504008

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