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What Should We Pay attention to When Using Sand Making Plant?

The target of Shunky is "Making best effort to find optimal solutions for customer", Shunky is constantly in pursuit of producing good equipment to our customers, winning customers trust by superior quality. sand production line as the mainstream of Shunky, it owns a certain reputation in the market. In terms of the usage of sand making plant, we still have some precautions to know:

1. Check running state of the motor, the temperature not more than 80 ?

2. Check the working state of sand production line operating , oil level not less than the provisions of the scale, bearing temperature not higher than 50 ?

3, check the dry oil lubrication system and oiling channel to make sure it supplied on time.

4. Check brake clearance and rubber of brake, replacement and adjustment timely .

5. Check the working state of sand making plant and make sure the surface of push-rod is not damaged or loosen, keep good lubrication of the push-rod surface.

6. Check the connecting bolt and anchor bolts.

7. Check pusher limitation system, making timely adjustment.   These basic precautions may have good effect on users, and Shanghai Shunky will contribute for a better era.