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Shanghai Shunky-the First Choice for High-Quality Sand Making Equipment

As is known to all, China is bound in natural resources. However, with the increasing depletion of non-renewable resources, energy conservation and environmental protection issues regain the attention. As the pace of urbanization accelerated, there is growing demand for aggregate, while the uncontrolled exploitation of river sand resources makes serious damage to the ecological environment of the river. So all regions have introduced comprehensive restrictions on mining policy to encourage enterprises to adopt artificial sand instead of natural sand, This is why Sand making machine come out.
However, due to mining restrictions, natural sand is very serious in depletion and can not meet the needs of our current needs. Artificial sand, as a natural alternative, will become the main source of sand, so sand industry has new development opportunities.
The fact is, because of the quality level of aggregate is in increasingly high demand; the traditional mode of production cannot keep up with the times. Therefore, energy saving, easy operation Sand making machine is what the market real needs. Shanghai Shunky, as a famous crushing machine manufacturer, has launched a new sand making equipment --6S new Sand making machine. The device uses vertical axis impact crusher technology, superior product shape, good quality, and high handling capacity in unit power, low consumption of wearing parts. It is a multi-purpose, high-performance and efficient equipment. Designed for highway, railway, high-rise building, cross-river Bridge, concrete mixing plant and providing high-quality sand and gravel aggregate, it is the first choice for artificial sand and stone shaping.