VSI Sand Making Machine of Shunky Is Your First Choice

With the rapid development of China's economy and the unceasingly speeding up of the urbanization, the infrastructure construction in China has made remarkable achievements. However, the shortage of natural sand and gravel brings huge development space for sand making machine industry. At the same time, it lays foundation for the advent of new sand making machine.
At present, domestic sand and gravel aggregate industry has relatively backward situation in sand mechanical technology. Most of the ballast manufacturers fail to provide high quality products. No matter how superior the mixing equipment is, they produce the concretes which are not good enough. In the face of this situation, Shanghai Shunky actively explores a new method of innovation. Shunky strengthens the scientific research and combines the theory with practice. On the one hand, Shunky strengthens the cultivation for talents. On the other hand, Shunky insists on independent innovation by the introduction of foreign advanced technology. Therefore, the company provides the majority of customers with the new generation of VSI sand making machines.
VSI sand making machine makes innovation based on the technological innovation of the original one, which enhances the performance of the equipment. Compared with traditional device, the machine can improve 30% in output. Meanwhile, because of the reasonable optimization for crushing cavity, the new sand making machine has the characteristics of high efficiency and optimized size and shape of products. In addition, the use of hydraulic equipment and automatic detection device greatly decrease the difficulty in equipment maintenance. So it is more convenient for maintenance of equipment. So when choosing sand making machine, Shanghai Shunky is the best choice.