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The Operational Requirements of Sand Making Machine

The workers must be very careful when operating the Sand Making Machine or some unwanted accidents will happen. In order to avoid these accidents, keep the machines in good condition, ensure the safety and reduce the occupation safety hazard, the operational cautions must be born in mind every minute and second. Our engineers give some useful advices on operating as following:
1. Check whether the door is shut or not before driving.
2. Observe the rotation direction of impeller from the material inlet; the impeller should be counter-clockwise rotation.
3. The Sand Making Machine must be started with no any load, and the material should be input after the machine operates normally. The correct starting sequence of Artificial Sand Making Machine and conveying equipment should be: clearing the material, starting the machine and inputting the material. The halting order is in reverse order.
4. Prevent the impeller passage and central feeding pipe from being blocked, the feeding sand particles should be in strict with the rules. Meanwhile, the frequency of inputting material also be should steady.
5. Stop feeding the material in time as soon as the machine halts.
6. Stop the machine and check immediately when some violent vibration and abnormal noise happen during the operation.
7. Add moderate grease when the machine finishes each shift.
The safety means a lot to us, besides ensuring safe operation of the artificial sand making machine, we also need take some perfect protection measures as far as possible. The above Seven Requirements must be followed strictly.