What Channel Is Univision On? (2024)

Get ready to watch your favorite telenovelas and Mexican fútbol teams on Univision with our helpful channel guide.

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Lee esta página en español o ve los números de canales de Univision aquí.

There’s a reason Univision is the most popular Spanish-language channel in the U.S. The network features hit dramas, live sports, and evening news programs.

However, getting the channel can be confusing—depending on your location. Fortunately, there are several ways to watch Univision, from standalone services like Univision NOW to various cable, satellite, and live TV streaming providers. We highlight those options below, so keep scrolling for all the details.

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What channel is Univision on near me?

Univision is widely available in most major TV markets throughout the U.S. However, specific channel numbers can vary based on location and TV service.

Our table below outlines Univision’s availability across popular providers in 50 major cities. If your city isn’t listed, enter your zip code in our service finder tool after the table.

Univision channel numbers in major U.S. cities

City Local affiliate channel Cox channel DIRECTV channel DISH channel Optimum channel Spectrum channel Xfinity channel
Albuquerque, NM 14 402 270 14
Atlanta, GA 34 402 270 15 14
Austin, TX 62 402 270 13
Bakersfield, CA 39 402 270 17
Baltimore, MD 14 402 270 11
Bronx, NY 41 402 270 6 41
Brooklyn, NY 41 402 270 6 41
Buffalo, NY 402 270 38
Charlotte, NC 402 270 63
Chicago, IL 66 402 270 6
Cincinnati, OH 402 270 802
Cleveland, OH 61 10 402 270 11
Colorado Springs, CO 48 402 270 11
Columbus, OH 402 270 19
Dallas, TX 23 402 270 753
Denver, CO 14 402 270 10
Detroit, MI 402 270 98
El Paso, TX 26 402 270 2
Fort Lauderdale, FL 23 402 270 9
Fort Worth, TX 23 402 270 3
Fresno, CA 21 402 270 2
Houston, TX 45 402 270 10
Indianapolis, IN 402 270 802 618
Jacksonville, FL 402 270 54
Las Vegas, NV 15 15 402 270
Los Angeles, CA 34 402 270 10
Louisville, KY 402 270 67
Memphis, TN 402 270 622
Miami, FL 23 402 270 9
Milwaukee, WI 402 270 8
Minneapolis, MN 402 270 99
New York, NY 41 402 270 6 41
Oklahoma City, OK 36 21 402 270
Orlando, FL 43 402 270 18 18
Philadelphia, PA 65 402 270 65
Phoenix, AZ 33 19 402 270
Pittsburgh, PA 402 270 561
Portland, OR 16 402 270 31
Sacramento, CA 19 402 270 5
St. Louis, MO 402 270 17
St. Paul, MN 402 270 99
Salt Lake City, UT 32 402 270 12
San Antonio, TX 41 402 270 8
San Diego, CA 17 17 402 270 17
San Francisco, CA 14 402 270 14
San Jose, CA 14 402 270 14
Seattle, WA 402 270 72
Tampa, FL 50 402 270 15 15
Tucson, AZ 46 5 402 270 5
Washington, DC 14 402 270

Data effective as of post date.

Find a TV provider with Univision

For those outside the cities listed above, there’s a solution. Enter your zip code to pinpoint Univision on cable and satellite providers in your town.

Get Univision with cable or satellite

Local channels like Univision are widely available in most cable and satellite TV plans. Even if your area doesn’t have a dedicated Univision station, providers will often carry the channel’s national feed. However, in those cases, you may need a dedicated Spanish-language plan or add-on to tune in.

Get Univision with a live TV streaming service

DIRECTV STREAM, Fubo, and YouTube TV are the only live TV streaming services that offer Univision. All three services include the channel in their English- and Spanish-language base plans.

Fubo’s Latino package ($32.99/mo.) and YouTube TV’s Spanish Plan ($34.99/mo.) are affordable options if you don’t want English-language channels. Both plans feature Univision alongside popular networks like ESPN Deportes, Estrella TV, and Galavisión.



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YouTube TV


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Buffering issues? Check out our Best Internet for Streaming guide for tips on maximizing your download speeds.

Get Univision with Univision NOW






Univision and UniMás livestreams and large on-demand library

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Data effective as of post date. Offers and availability may vary by location and are subject to change.

Cable and satellite TV subscribers can stream Univision on Univision.com and the Univision app. However, if you don’t have a TV provider and want to stream Univision inexpensively, you can subscribe to the standalone Univision NOW streaming service.

At $11.99 a month, Univision NOW includes live 24/7 access to Univision and UniMás. You can also stream new series on demand the day after they air. That’s a plus for anyone looking to catch up on the latest telenovela hits.

Get Univision NOW

Get Univision with ViX

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Live and on-demand content from the TelevisaUnivision library

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Data effective as of post date. Offers and availability may vary by location and are subject to change.

ViX is another source for on-demand content from Univision and its sister networks. Although it lacks a 24/7 Univision livestream like Univision NOW, ViX has live sports and exclusive Spanish-language programs.

For sports fans, ViX is an excellent alternative to Univision because it carries most events that air across Univision’s TUDN brand—including Liga MX and UEFA Champions League matches. The platform also boasts a rich library of Spanish-language series and movies on top of ad-supported channels like Noticias Univision 24/7 and Zona TUDN.

You can access limited content on ViX for free without signing up. However, we recommend a ViX Premium subscription ($6.99/mo.) for the complete experience.

View ViX plans

What’s on Univision?

Univision airs a diverse lineup of new and classic series, live sports, weekday talk shows, and nightly news programs. Much of its content comes from Las Estrellas, TelevisaUnivision’s leading network in Mexico.

Dramas and telenovelas

  • Apuesta por un amor
  • Como dice el dicho
  • El privilegio de amar
  • Esta historia me suena
  • La gata
  • La rosa de Guadalupe
  • Minas de pasión
  • Tu vida es mi vida
  • Vencer
  • Vino el amor


  • Está libre
  • ¿Es neta, Eva?
  • La familia P. Luche
  • La hora pico
  • Nosotros los guapos
  • Renta congelada
  • Tal para cual
  • ¿Tú crees?
  • Una familia de diez
  • Vecinos


  • CONCACAF Gold Cup
  • Contacto Deportivo
  • Fútbol central
  • Liga MX
  • Liga MX Femenil
  • UEFA Champions League

Reality shows

  • Me caigo de risa
  • Mi famoso y yo
  • Mira quién baila
  • ¿Quién es la máscara?
  • Tu cara me suena
  • Veo cómo cantas

Talk and news shows

  • Al punto con Jorge Ramos
  • Aquí y ahora
  • Cuéntamelo ya!… al fin
  • De noche pero sin sueño
  • ¡Despierta América!
  • El gordo y la flaca
  • Hoy
  • Noticiero Univision
  • Primer impacto
  • ¡Siéntese quien pueda!

What’s Univision?

Univision is a Spanish-language network with roots dating back to the early 1960s. Owned by TelevisaUnivision, the channel is available over the air in major Hispanic markets throughout the U.S. However, it’s also offered nationwide through subscription-based TV providers.

Univision’s content and popularity often rival major over-the-air channels like ABC, CBS, FOX, and NBC. Its reach also expands across several sister channels—including UniMás, Galavisión, TUDN, and Univision Tlnovelas.

What channel is Univision on FAQ

Can I watch Univision for free?

Yes, you can watch Univision for free using an antenna if you live near an affiliate station. Univision currently has over 50 stations throughout the U.S.

Does Peaco*ck have Univision?

No, Peaco*ck doesn’t include Univision. Instead, Peaco*ck features Spanish-language content from rival network Telemundo.

Can I watch Univision on YouTube TV?

Yes, YouTube TV carries Univision in its primary base plan and standalone Spanish Plan.

Is Univision a local channel?

Yes, Univision is a local channel with stations in 50+ U.S. metropolitan areas. If you don’t live in an area with a local Univision station, you can watch the channel’s national feed via Univision NOW or a cable, satellite, or live TV streaming service.

Does Sling TV carry Univision?

No, Sling TV doesn’t carry Univision in any of its plans or add-ons. However, it does offer ViX Premium as an add-on package—giving you content from the TelevisaUnivision universe.

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What Channel Is Univision On? (2024)
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