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How to make a 5-year-old nurse

Use the youth power on an old female. When she gets to a breeding age, pause the game and keep putting her onto a male until she makes a baby. Then, unpause. Nursing children act the same as nursing adults, the only differences are an incorrectly placed baby and more speed.


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Heathen Love Interest

If there was a glitch section, this would be put there. It is unknown how this happened, but my master scientist

went indoors

with the heathen master scientist who was still a heathen. No babies were made, but it is very odd.


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How to get rid of the rascal that's always being a bother to your village

You will need the butterflies and bees so about 40~ energy to do this.

Drop the butterflies below the lower waterfall (above the blocking totem) and wait for all the children to come, specifically, the rascal. Once the rascal comes over, drop the bees on them and wait. All the children will run away and go into the lake. Keep doing this until the rascal is in the water. Then you can remove all the children from the lake. Ta-the!


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How to get food in the game easily

For beginners

You have to dismantle the Hungry Totem. It is guarded by the yellow masked Heathens that will try to chase you away. Bring a child to the Heathen to lure them away. Then quickly drag an adult villager on the totem to start dismantling it. Keep the Heathen away from the totem by using the child. It will take a few minutes (2-5 minutes) to get the totem down. Once it's down, the other Heathens near the berry bush will go away and you'll be able to get food. The berry bush will deplete sometime. It will replenish over time but if you need food quickly, use the bee power (I don't know what it's called..) to replenish about 20 berries.

Another way to get food is mushrooms. You'll need a villager under 14 (a child) in order to pick them up. They'll spawn around the area from time to time so be sure to be on a look out for them. Red mushrooms are more valuable, and will give you more food then brown ones.

This is the only way to get food in the beginning of the game. There are certainly more ways but I haven't found out yet.


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Easy Destroy, Hard Destroy

First you choose a totem, hungry or knowing (hungry gets you food, knowing grants you access to the lab) once you destroy one it is hard to destroy the other because there are two red and one yellow heathen there so you have to do them both at once. Hope this helps


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Easy destroy 1st totem

Must choose between the hungry or wisdom totems. Drag a nursing or kid villager to distract the gard and he will chase them. Then drag your builders or adult villagers to dismantle it. Every time the guard atempts to come back put the kid or nursing villager by his side and keep repeeting this procces.


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Puzzle 13

Use a master scientist of solve a problem on the white canvass boards, 3 or 4 times. The heathen will then applaud you, convert and another piece of the necklace will be available. You must have level 3 of science.


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Puzzle 9

Use time warp on master builder to beat heathen in build-off. The heathen will then convert and you will find a piece of the necklace


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Ok so, if you want unlimited food and tech you must have cheat engine download it on the internet pull it up and you'll see a box with a computer in it on the top,left part of the screen it's flashing red and green click it (you must have virtual villagers up and running paused) click "virtual villagers(something 1 2 3 4 or 5 what ever game you're playing and click "open"

And in the hex box put the number of tech points or food you have and click "first scan" a whold bunch of words and numbers will appear in the box click 1 and click the red arrow pointing down the same numbers and letters will appear double click them. And your number of food or tech will show there delete the number and put what ever number you want for food or tech remember: never go over ten digets or your numbers will turn into negative numbers if that does'nt work then just go to the right side of the screen and click "enable speed hack" and asign a researcher of a farmer on food or tech and notice your points for tech or food in increase faster keep them running over night "keep cheat engine up and hibernate your computer and in the morning you may be able to buy everything.

-hope that helped!-


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Puzzle's 1-8 and 12, 13.

Puzzle-1: Pick up a Devotie and place him on the sick heathen, you will cure him/her and they will join you'are tribe, (you will also get your first pice of the amlet you will nead a child to pick it up).

Puzzle-2: pick up a builder and put him/her on the bambo fence, they will make the food hut, and your tribe wiil be free to move about.

Puzzle-3: Hungry totem pick up a builder and put him on to the totem they will destroy it, (you will nead to destrat the guards place one of your tribe in front of a guard the guard will chase him you may have to do this a few times.

Puzzle-4: Knowing totem as puzzle-3.

Puzzle-5: nead level 2 reserch master in sci + heathen master in sci, put your scientist on the now uncoved blackbords, when they have done this put you scientist and a master builder on the aquidact (hydroponic farm), the builder will repair it, the heathen master farmer will tell you a story and you will get part 2 of the amelt.

Puzzle-6: Mausoleum do Puzzle-7 and then put your builders to work.

Puzzle-8: Hollow totem put ten kids in the hole in the totem and it will brake apart.




Puzzle-12: Rainbow totem you will nead 400 power points (for the fog) a builder more if you have them, the fog will blind the heathens put your builders to work, (you will have to do this a few times).

Puzzle-13: The statue put a builder on the colition point (the big bolder) he will start to build the hand. You will have to this each time you get a new level in spirituality.





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Whats with the clay pot beside the river

If you managed to clear all the rubble from the mausoleum in the bottom left hand corner a bowl of water appears on the steps of the mausoleum. Use the bowl of water to go to the river to search for gold with it. If your villager finds some gold they will put it into the clay pot. Note: Your villager might not find gold every time and you need to find some 3 times to completely fill the clay pot. If you click on the pot it tells you how full it is (empty, 1/3 full, 2/3 full or full).
Once the clay pot is filled put it into the fire and when it is done the clay falls away to reveal a golden ball. Let a villager take it and see what happens.

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I've had this women trying to be a master builder since the start of the game, have knocked down some totems, unlocked..

What I did was leave the game on pause and go do something else, after a day the woman went from adept to master and I got 2 achievments.

(Turns out that if you leave vv5 on pause it still does stuff but doesent advance age(I think))

Hope it!

How do I put water in the dry lake bed an who picks up the mask?

I believe you need to use the rain god power over and over again, because as you can see, the lake fills up a little when it rains. Sorry, I can't answer your other question.

Hi all I got the dry lake bed full of water is really pretty ..when I put a villager in it they say they don't se..

You have to use your god power revive to bring the fish back to life... And happy fishing

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How do I destroy the blocking totem ..I've tried putting my master builder with the master builder heathen after using..

This happened to me as well you just have to make sure you use the warp befor you challage the heathern. If not he will run around and you will lose your god power befor the challange is reset.

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My children refuse to learn at the nursery. I have a ..
How do I fix the dirty lab, area 6
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