Company not only pays attention to product ‘quality, but also has a experienced after-sales service team,  more willing to offer better service for our customer. We apply E-Commerce actively to offer the latest product information and technical service in time.

1. We send the professional engineers to rain technical personnel for clients; Send technical stuff to the customers’ site to design the optimal flow and program until the plan meet customer’s best.

2. After purchase, we will wend our professional engineers to guide to install the equipment and take trial run. When complete the installation, we will let 1-2 full-time stuff to observe to help customers till their satisfaction.

3. When we receive the problem of product quality, we will send the professional engineers to the customer’s site as soon as possible
And, we develop new technologies and new products for our clients, and make our popularity on a high level in this field, also we will do our best and must heighten our position and set a good example in the field to maximize clients’ interests. 

Our Service concept is all is for the clients and provide clients with high added value products.