CS Cone Crusher

Application:CS series Cone Crusher, widely used in the industries of metallurgy, building material, road construction, chemical engineering &

Product description:

CS series Cone Crusher, widely used in the industries of metallurgy, building material, road construction, chemical engineering & silicate, is suitable for crushing all kinds of ores and rocks with hardness of medium or above. The features of this machine are high crushing ratio, high efficiency, high handling capacity, low operation cost and easy adjustment. As components selection and structure design are reasonable, the machine has long performance life. So the final product sizes are uniform, and the circulation load is reduced. For medium and large size crushers, hydraulic cleaning chamber system is used, which decreases the downtime. There are wide ranges of crushing chambers, so customers can choose different chambers freely upon their different requests. This machine adopts grease sealing so as to prevent the watering and draining system from being blocked and avoid the defect of easy mix of water and oil. The spring safety system is the protection unit against overload, and keeps the crushing chamber from being damaged by foreign substance or iron pieces. This machine is divided into two types: the standard type and the short head type. Normally the large size material is fed into the standard type, which means that the size of discharge is also coarse; and the small size material is fed into the short head type due to its steep crushing cone, which will unavoidably influences the size of discharge, and therefore it is much more suitable for producing the fine goods. Consequentially, the standard type is generally used for medium and coarse material, and the short head type for medium and fine material.



1.High performance: Combining optimal designing of chamber type with applying reasonable speed and stroke, this kind of machine does more work with the same dynamic cone diameter. Therefore, this machine is of high-performance and manufacturing capacity comparing with other cone crusher of the same type.
2.Good product size composition: The crusher adopts laminated crushing principle to make final products of cubic shapes stand for larger proportion. Acicular and flake shape products decrease and size fraction much more well-proportioned.
3.Good stability: If metal or other non-broken material comes into the chamber, it will be released when goes through the protection device and then the device will reset automatically. The protection device has fixed discharge opening returning point and the original discharge opening can return immediately after the metal going through the crushing chamber.
4.Convenient Cleaning-up: If the crusher stops under loading condition, hydraulic cleaning system can clean up the crushing chamber quickly so that downtime is decreased.
5.High reliability: Main shaft with big diameterheavy main frame and separate automatic control system of thin oil lubrication system guarantee the stability and reliability of the crusher. 
6.Easy maintenance and operation: All parts can be disassembled from the top and the upper side, so that fixed cone and dynamic cone can be disassembled easily. In high shock and vibration environment, bronze bearing can keep excellent bearing capacity and it is much easier and more economic for maintenance.
7.Low production costs: Due to big capacity, high reliability and easy maintenance, the production costs have been reduced greatly.
8.Widespread use: The specialty of CS series high-efficiency spring cone crusher is maximizing the performance to apply to all kinds of crushing processes: from special coarse crushing to fine crushing; from fixed crushing plant to mobile crushing plant.
9.Separate Lubrication:Multi-point control of an independent lubrication system ensures that the machine bearings lubricated dual protection, and can realize automatic machine security



Specification Model Cavity






CS-75 CSC-75 Standard
coarse type
13-38 175 59-163 75 2656


CSB-75 Standard
medium type
9-22 102 45-91
CSD-75 Short head
medium type
3-13 41 27-90
CS-110 CSC-110 Standard
coarse type
13-38 160 70-215 110 2290


CSB-110 Standard
medium type
10-25 115 55-135
CSD-110 Short head
medium type
6-19 80 47-90
CS-130 CSC-130 Standard
coarse type
13-38 180 105-220 132 2630


CSB-130 Standard
medium type
10-25 130 72-170
CSD-130 Short head
medium type
10-19 90 70-125
CS-160 CSC-160 Standard
coarse type
16-51 200 135-350 160 2860


CSB-160 Standard
medium type
13-25 150 105-180
CSD-160 Short head
medium type
10-19 102 80-140
CS-200 CSC-200 Standard
coarse type
19-51 215 200-440 200 2830


CSB-200 Standard
medium type
16-25 160 160-230
CSD-200 Short head
medium type
13-22 115 150-240
CS-220 CSC-220 Standard
coarse type
19-64 235 230-570 220 3360


CSB-220 Standard
medium type
19-38 175 215-330
CSD-220 Short head
medium type
13-25 130 180-285
CS-240 CSC-240 Standard
coarse type
22-64 267 330-725 250 3580


CSB-240 Standard
medium type
16-25 203 240-330
CSD-240 Short head
medium type
10-19 140 190-330
CS-360 CSC-360 Standard
coarse type
25-76 303 608-99 360 5110


CSB-360 Standard
medium type
31-89 334 789-1270
CSD-360 Short head
medium type
10-29 150 352-617

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