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Shanghai Shunky Express: Artificial Sand Sells Well

Most people thought the sand that building materials used are derived from the river gravel, and now, it has changed. Since the artificial sand is known to us, it slowly replaced the natural river sand.

As China's economy continues to develop, a variety of large construction projects is gradually increasing, which has higher demand for aggregate. Coupled with recent years, large-scale and uncontrolled river sand exploiting makes sharp drop in river sand resources. The harsh river environment and a series of natural disasters caused much attention. In order to protect sand resources, mining policy was published for the limitation of exploiting natural river sand, which leads to the rising prices. Many investors have come to sand industry, so sand making equipment swept the industry.

As the leading manufacturer of sand making machine, Shanghai Shunky is taking leads in sand making equipment. For the future prospects in the industry, Shanghai Shunky believes that: First, there exist extensive source for sand, and various stone can be used for processing; Second, all kinds of waste resources can be properly sorted and processed, it not only solve the problem of environmental pollution but also the utilization of natural resources; Third, there is complete gradation and stable particles, we can adjust according to the demand. Therefore, as the alternative of natural sand, artificial sand will be the mainstream on the market.