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Safety production Aids the development of Mobile Crushing Plant

Mobile crushing plant is one of the most widely spread one in modern crushing and screening industry; and with the sand making plant they are the two main production plants of this industry. The mobile crushing plant is general made of such as the vibrating feeder, jaw crusher, impact crusher, vibrating screen, belt conveyor and so on; the general output 50-500 t/h. It could also configure the cone crusher according to the different needs of customers.

Mobile crushing plant is a commonly used equipment of mining enterprises, which also plays quite important role in the production of dressing plant. As mining machinery, its production and application is hard to avoid some fault, so how to solve the problems that users asked in the use of mobile crushing plant. First, the main bearing of mobile crushing plant gets hot, has unusual sound, the motor overloaded power. It may be bad lubrication; there is sediment in the main bearing so the bearing broken; and the installation of main bearing is not right or ore shortage, and so on. Second, the mobile crushing plant has vibration phenomenon. The reason may be because: the connection of gear is bad or wear; the anchor screws or bearing screw loose; big gear coupling screw off like or bolted looseness; the transmission bearing worn or other reasons.

Of course, the actual problem in the work always varied, and new problems always need special treatment. But if the customers make good maintenance in the daily production of mobile crushing plant, it can reduce the probability of failure of the plant. Maintain the good and safe condition of the mobile crushing plant can reduce the production cost and promote the efficiency.