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Dusting handling is very important in sand making plant

Sand production line is an important source of our daily use of artificial sand aggregate, the rapid development of

economic construction, artificial sand has been in short supply, so improving the dust pollution and working environment,

achieving cleaner production is one of the main environmental mines currently.

SKJ European version jaw crusher crusher belongs to large-scale , the use and maintenance have a variety of situations. The correct method of application can make the equipment works more steadily .After the first crusher operates normally it can be fed. When feeding the material for jaw crusher,it shouldbe balance into crushing cavity to prevent excessive increases load. Second,when the device is working,If the device temperature over 70 degrees Celsius or higher, you should find the reason when the material discharge completely.It can

work after solving the problem. When the machine stops running, you also need closing motor after the materials discharge from crushing cavity.If because of the material blocking downtime, you should immediately turn off the motor,clean the

material,start it again after solving the question completely.

Proper and scientific way of using SKJ European version jaw crusher can reduce the loss of equipment, improve production

efficiency. So Shanghai Shunky recommends that customers follow our offer after-sales support to operate production lines