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Shanghai Shunky Grows Stronger and Magnificent in Pebble Sand Making Machine Market

On August 12, afternoon, Mr.Chen from Henan Shunky has cisited Shanghai Shunky Co,. Ltd. The customer consulted mainly on cone crusher and sand making equipment. Because of the relatively rich mineral resources in Pingdingshan, the customer wants to invest in a cobbled sand machine production line and produce sands with the rich local river gravels. Shanghai Shunky staff has explained the SKH hydraulic cone crusher and the 6S sand making machine to the customer in detail.
Because of its extreme hardness, it is very hard to crush pebbles(river gravel). The general small crushing equipment simply can not meet the yield and quality requirement. Impact crusher and hammer crusher will be worn severely in processing process. Shanghai Shunky technical staff introduced to Mr.Chen that the crushing line design of cone crusher plus Sand making machine can reduce the wear and tear of equipment, accelerating productivity. Meanwhile, the two crushing devices are used for crushing and reshaping respectively, so that the reprocess rate is greatly reduced and the yield is also lifted. Compared with using river gravel crusher to crush, the cone crusher plus sand making machine production line have less wear and tear, higher molding rate, and large yields, etc. Customers have been recognized.
In recent years, Shanghai Shunky has continuously improved their R&D on pebbles sand production line design. More and more customers purchase sand making machines from Shanghai Shunky. Shanghai Shunky has an increasingly better better sales on sand making machine. It has also won many recognition and praises from industrial competitors and customers.