What Shall We do For the Maintenance and Inspection of Impact Sand Maker?

Impact sand maker in fact is impact breaker. It has application in many fields, such as sands for real estate, sands for the roads’ building, water-power engineering and disposal of urban waste etc. The aimed materials are various rocks, iron ores, clinker, some refractory matter and concrete aggregate etc normally. The purpose is produce those materials till the required particles with medium crushing and fine crushing so as to use in the building.
In the using period of impact sand maker, to ensure the normal operation of equipment and lengthen the service life of equipment, maintain and inspect the sand making machine frequently. For example, open the observation door of sand making machine regularly and check the abrasion condition of components, which include sands machine, liner of down runner, conical cap, impeller, round shield, wear-resisting block and materials’ pipe centre etc. Make adjustment under the condition of observing their abrasion and repair or decide to change according to the abrasion severity. The repair of impeller has better to be done by the manufacture but not done by you. because the technological difficulty is bigger. If change the wear-resisting block, we should keep the balance of two sides and then change it.
Adjust the electricity of electrical machine till the difference less than 15 pieces in the period of inspection and maintenance. And appropriately adjust the conveying belt to ensure the even force. The impact sand maker should be lubricated after 400 working hours normally and clean the main components of bearing after working of 2000 hours. Change the bearing after it works till 7200 hours.