The Development Trend of New Sand Making Machine

Sand making machine is also called the vertical shaft impact crusher. The continuous development of social economy promotes the technology innovation of mechanical equipment. The machinery manufacturing is widely applied to production field. As countries’ more perfect system of sand technology, our country's system of sand production line is constantly developed toward high efficiency and energy saving, etc. A new round of technical reformation was carried out on the sand making machine and the birth of the equipment completely changes the old sand making machine works. Sand making machine working principle is: the upper portion of the materials by machine vertical fall into a high-speed rotating impeller, under the action of centrifugal force at high speed, impacts and crushes with another part of the umbrella form around the distribution in the impeller of the materials in high speed. The materials after the collisions and crushing cavity formed between the impeller and casing friction lining part are repeatedly crashing and crushing. The materials discharge from the bottom. All of these form a closed circuit with cycle for many times, which have sieving equipment control to achieve the required size, (much less grinding and more crushing to break the generation of grinding with lower consumption and environmental protection and safety). The impact sand making machine (sand making machine) for material in the process of impact of selective crushing ability makes it more cube crushing product content than other forms of crushers. At the same time, the characteristics of big crushing ratio and simplified crushing process make rapid development in the crushing industry, so the sand making machine is widely used in various industries.