New Type Sand Making Machine from Shanghai Shunky is the New Choice of Age

Along with the development of society, the people’s awareness of environmental protection is increased continuously. The green environmental protection has become the hot topic of machinery manufacturing industry. Machinery manufactures push out the new products of containing “technological innovation” “environmental protection” and “reproducing” etc new concepts.
This company adapts the calling of the time. Its produced new type sand making machine is the perfect integration of all sand making equipments. It adopts impact crushing principal for unique design and adopts vertical shaft and upright structure to accelerate the crashing and impacting of materials so as to realize the splintering, abrasion and shaping of materials and guarantee the stable structure and perfect particle size of produced sand making equipment. As the leading equipment in modern machine-made sands’ production, this sand making equipment has powerful crushing capacity, high production efficiency, perfect particles of discharging and beneficiation machine. After numerous upgrading, it has stably comprehensive performance and extremely high cost performance. It has been widely applied to various operations of various construction projects and work flow of various stones plants and cement plants. The ore grinding cavity of highly efficient sands making machine adopts big diameter and circular structure. The strength and stiffness are the best among all appearances. The surrounding increases the rigidity by the reinforcing rib. The strength and stiffness of sands making machine’s improved as well. The design of monocular layout can reduce the connections between two tubes with comparison of binocular layout. It solves the weak link fundamentally.