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How to Solve Failures of Sand Making Machines in a Targeted Way?

Like other equipment, failures will happen to sand making machines. Its working environment is quite awful, basically in open air. Such equipment is exposed to wind and sunshine, and rotates at a high speed and high load. Continuous impact between materials and machine leads to failures. Once problems occur, workers should learn to handle. Don’t ask repairman to deal with anything.
If a machine swings too largely during operation, three aspects should be inspected. The possible cause is serious abrasion of the quick-wear parts of impeller. If it is the case, the parts should be changed. The second possible cause is too large feeding materials. If it is the case, the ultra-large materials should be removed. The third possible cause is impediment of impeller passageway; sticky materials in a sand making machine will adhere to impeller or casing wall. It must be washed clean and then works. If the discharged particles are too large, see whether the triangular belt is excessively loose or not. Pull the belt tightly. If serious, change it.
If slow rotation is found when checking in no load, see whether there are foreign matters in the sealed cap on the bearing. If available, clear them away. If the bearing of sand making machine is overheated, oil may be lacked or bearing is broken. Add oil or change bearing. If large metal collision is heard, impeller may drop. See whether it is broken or not. If broken, change it. If not broken, fasten it.