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Loading Precautions of Sand Making Plant

There are some loading precautions about sand making plant that we should pay special attention to. Bearing them in mind not only could save our time but also could keep the equipment steadier. In order to keep immobile in the operation, the loading must be finished in a flat place and then be fixed at the ground with a special anchor bolt. In this way, the equipment will be stable. In addition, the main machine body and the horizontal direction should be vertical to the state when installing the sand making plant.
The inspection work after installation is also important. Check whether the bolt on the equipment is tight and the cabin door of main machine body is enough fastened or not, if not, these problems should be solved promptly. After finishing those examinations, the following part is electrical power line. Ensure the power line is in a normal situation and there is no leakage.
Besides of the power line, the control switch is also checked finally. All of those are driving power devices. The sand making plant could not be started as long as one of them goes wrong. The last but not least thing is to have a test drive without any loading. Thus, we can repair and need not search the problems after moving the material out if the sand making plant is out of order.