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What are features of sand making plant?

Sand making plant is frequently used in nowadays’ industrial production, which is conducive to reduce workers’ workload effectively. Compared with other production lines, sand making plant is endowed with high automation and low operating cost features. In view of products’ sizes, it has high grinding rate and energy-saving advantages. Meanwhile, the crusher has a large crushing quantity.

It pollutes little to surrounding environment. More importantly, it is high-efficient and productive and produces well-portioned particles. Besides, equipped with advanced CNC operating system, its output quality can be ensured. So, what should we pay attention to during our operation and maintenance?

Generally speaking, we should maintain and repair its key parts after three months’ using. Replace the quick-wear parts timely and add oil to bearings’ connections.

Furthermore, it is convenient for us to handle it by hand. On the top of the device, there’s a LCD screen. We can pre-establish some relevant parameters before its start. These are the suggestions we put forward on maintaining and repairing sand making plant. If you’re interested in this, you can log in related websites to inquire and have a deep understanding.