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Safety management of sand making plant is of great importance, which cannot be ignored at all

We all know that safety management must be put in the first place during the actual production of sand making plant. If an enterprise neglects safety production, it is impossible for the enterprise to have larger development in the near future. Therefore, safety production is weightier than Mount Tai. It is a great matter to managers engaging in production operation.
How can we really make safety management in sand making plant and stone crushing plant? First of all, as far as various vehicles and operators are concerned, they can work in the position with certificates. It is strictly prohibited that persons who are not trained professionally work in the position. Secondly, safety protection equipment is provided for workers. And a whole set of post responsibility system should be available to ensure safety production. Moreover, non-workers and livestock in construction area are separated from the isolation belt set in mining area. People without fixed duties are strictly prohibited to walk in or out of.
Additionally, when production operation is made in sand making plant, it should proceed according to relevant mining rules. Violation phenomena are not allowed to take place. The river banks should be protected well, preventing collapse. Special attention should be paid to accidents. Actions are taken in strict accordance with Labor Law. Labor hours can’t be prolonged randomly. Workers can’t work in the condition of no protections or danger having shown. These behaviors are against people without fixed duties.
Of course, finally, for workers themselves, they should have corresponding safety production awareness, know the importance of safety production, and learn knowledge related to self-protection.