Talent conceptTalent concept

Shunky Machinery Co.,Ltd is a joint-stock enterprise which specializes in manufactuering large and medium-sized crushers and Industry Mill. Our employees have two things in common: expertise and best talents create the perfect quality.

Diverse opportunities
At Shunky Machinery today decades of know-how from diverse areas and cultures converge. The Shunky Machinery is one company of talented people working together to build successful business operations and opportunities. And in all of the areas of expertise mentioned above, it is the people, their talents and experience that are our most important asset.
SHUNKY as a whole is comprised of a rich mix of work assignments, achievements, practical ideas and solutions. SHUNKY is known as a good employer that offers opportunities for career advancement, learning and positions in an extensive global network.
Shunky Machinery culture is young and energetic.

Join our team
Shunky Machinery offers a range of interesting jobs and opportunities to work abroad. We are looking for experienced professionals or for individuals who are just embarking on their career to join our team. Shunky Machinery has taken notes of their employees, and You’ll find your stories on company's Notes.
We hope you’ll be inspired to make SHUNKY a part of your story!