Q: How do these two motors of VSI sand making machine work?
A: Once sand making machine starts, one motor works without material inside the machine, another one will start automatically. Therefore, the vertical shaft can work well.
Q: In the sand making plant, why do install a hopper before the sand making machine?
A: As the feeding size of sand making machine is limited, the feeding way, central feeding with circular cascade feeding, requires the feeding speed strictly. The adjusting storage bin is a transshipment station, which can adjust speed and make the feeding speed of sand making machine evenly, persistently.
Q: Which kind of grinding mill is suitable for clay?
A: Because of the inner side water, the clay is much sticky. The water rate exceeds the requirements of the usual grinding mill. So we must dry it by drying machine, and then grind it into powder.
Which kind of grinding mill is better? It depends on the fineness of powder. At present, the Three Ring Ultrafine Mill can produce the powder around 10 microns. It is much suitable for fine powder producing. It is better for grinding clay because of special inner structure and finess of final powder, it is much popular with home and oversea market.

The difference of PE Jaw Crusher JCE Jaw Crusher SKJ Jaw Crusher


The PE Jaw Crusher JCE Jaw Crusher and  SKJ Jaw Crusher with different design and crushing cavity. The motor of PE jaw crusher and JCE jaw crusher is fixed beside the main unit. The motor of SKJ is on the main unit. The SKJ Jaw Crusher is much efficient than the PE series and JCE series.

Q: How to use the Sand Making Machine properly?
A: The cost of large-scale machinery and equipment includes both the purchase of equipment and the maintenance costs and maintenance costs account for a large proportion. While the maintenance costs are closely related with the use besides the machine itself. We need to use the machines properly, then how to use the Sand Making Machine in a right way?
Now Shanghai Shunky gives you a few suggestions:
First, we should make great efforts on daily maintenance of the machine:
1 Sufficient downtime is necessary. Besides, we need observe the internal condition, if the parts are worn replacement and repair should be timely. Special emphasis, in case of accidents, we should not observe when the machine is on work.
2 We should join grease when the working time of the Sand Making Machine is beyond 400 hours, open the spindle assembly and clean bearings when working 2000 hours or more, the bearings must be replaced when the machine works more than 7200 hours
3 To ensure the triangle tape grouping matches, Drive triangle tape taut force size should be adjusted properly, making its every leader degree consistent.
Second, we also should pay attention to the use, considering the security, we need do as the following when using the Sand Making Machine:
1 we should check whether the transfer whirl chamber door is closed tightly before driving;
2 We should check the rotation direction of impeller directions. Looking from the enter of the feeding mouth, Impeller should be counter-clockwise, otherwise we should adjust electric rolling thought wiring;
3 The Sand Making Machine must start up without load, and then be feed when it runs normally, the start sequence of Sand Making Machine and transportation equipments: layout---Sand Making Machine---feeding, it stops in reverse;
4 The size of feeding material must meet the requirements strictly. To avoid congestion it is forbidden to feed definite material. What’s more, it must be feed continuously and evenly.
5 Stop feeding when discharging equipments stop;
6 If these appear, such as violent vibration and abnormal noise, the Sand Making Machine should be immediately stopped and be checked;
7 We should add proper grease after each class;
8 The staff should be far away from equipment, if repair is necessary, we must cut off the power.
Improper operation not only threats our security but also reduce the life of the machine greatly.
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